VQBlue side view - bluerVentiq – the experienced supplier of cargo vents for maritime use, is proud to introduce a quantum leap within the field of high velocity pressure vacuum valves: VQBlue – high velocity pressure vacuum valves.

The design has evolved through intensive R&D through the last decade. Focus has been on key issues like lowest possible VOC emission, minimum of maintenance operations, fewer moving parts, lowest weight, highest degree of flexibility, the smartest solutions and to be the smallest in size. Included is also oscillation-free motion on long and narrow pipe lengths with true high velocity – even at low flow rates. It all comes down to a safety vent valve in line with and beyond the expectations and demands from ship owners, yards, designers, consultants and classificaton societies.

VQBlue represents a true innovation in cargo pressure management adding new and front running technology to the market. The number of parts are reduced and the use of flow friction booster discs are eliminated. No narrow passages where cargo residue can stick leaving the valve in a dangerous state – open or closed. The new VQBlue is leading edge cargo ventilation on board any kind of seagoing tankers, whether carrying oil, products or chemicals. Intelligent & dynamic cargo ventilation – safeguarded and simplified.