Innovation in safety
Harsh weather conditions demand reliable equipment!
Proven technology for safe cargo vent operations
Environmentally friendly, extremely low noise…
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Innovation in safety, design and quality.
Monobodied high velocity PV valves are less demanding in maintenance, and with its centre of gravity in the line of the pipe, it is also putting less strain on the connecting pipe.

Safety first

The number of rules and regulations related to the cargo venting system onboard oil-, product- and chemical tankers, plays an important role in protecting the cargo tank from fire and excessive over- and under pressures.


The environment is at the forefront of our mind, when we are looking at new developments .

In 2003 we submitted a patent application for a pv valve with two opening pressures, Please read more about this groundbreaking technology .

What do we do?

Ventiq AS (Ltd) is an Norwegian engineering and manufacturing company specializing in equipment for ventilation of liquid cargoes on board tankers and supply vessels.
Ventiq has wide experience in tank venting solutions. We can advice customers on design and also supply complete cargo venting solutions including project management design, consulting and problem solving. Ventiq welcomes any requests for tank related equipment and look forward to being of assistance when it comes to technical or commercial issues. Ventiq shall be in the forefront of development of such equipment. Safety and innovation is secured for the ship and its crew when it comes to the equipment delivered from Ventiq.