vqhvisoVQHV-ISO is a weight loaded high velocity pressure vacuum valve, designed for ventilating marine cargo tanks in a safe and reliable way. The vacuum valve is integrated in the monobody casted housing. This is quite unique in the market today, and it offers a great number of advantages.

All metall parts are made of AISI 316 or higher grade stainless steel, equipped with metal to metal seating for most favorable wear resistance.

The valve is designed to allow relief of over-under pressure in the tanks, due to thermal variatons or under loading/discharging operations. The ventilation system is also designed to prevent the passage of flames into tanks carrying oil, product and chemical cargoes, With its design which integrates pressure and vacuum relief in one body, the valve is a step forward in the field of maritime cargo tank venting.

The VQHV-ISO meets the latest requirements of ISO 15364:2000, Solas reg. 59, IMO 1009/677/373 and API 2000.
Its internal design ensures oscillation-free operation, which is imperative with respect to avoiding seat-wear and flashback to the tank.

The unit is manufactureed in customer specified materials, designed with a focus on ease of maintenance, replaceable seats and cleaning indicators. Valve functions can be checked by using a single lever and observing the vent disc indicators.

Function and safety are strongly emphasised in the VQHV-ISO design, manufacturing and testing process.

The valve comes in a range of dimentions, offering the correct choice when sizing the system.

With respect to choosing the correct valve for your application, please contact us.

For a better view of the size of the valve, see enclosed datasheet.