About us

This is Ventiq

Ventiq As is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in equipment for ventilation of liquid cargoes on board tankers and supply vessels. The firm can trace its roots back to the early seventies with the introduction of vent check valves for marine service tanks and has been evolving into the field of safety valves for fire prevention and pressure control on oil, chemical/product tankers, and offshore vessels as well since it came on the market.

The company has an experienced staff with a notable maritime tank vent knowledge covering all parts of modern cargo tank vent operations. Through the years the company has achieved honor in a demanding international market, centering its focus on quality and low maintenance equipment for ship owners worldwide.

With the end user in mind and determined to find the perfect venting solution, Ventiq has developed its own test facility for testing of pressure relief valves and related equipment. When realistic tests are combined with creative minds, magic can and will, happen. When we say “Innovation in Safety”, this means proven and, if possible, simplified final safety barriers related to fire and pressure protection on board ship carrying flameable and or toxic liquids.

Our History

Ventiq can trace its roots back to the introduction of the load line convention in the mid sixties and the huge impact it had on demands for safer means on protecting service tanks from being contaminated by seawater. 

This knowledge has through the years evolved and resulted into the start of the Y2K introduction of Ventiq – and products related to storage and transport of cargoes on board oilrigs, supply vessel and oil, product- and chemical tankers. Ever since the introduction of the first genuine high velocity pressure vacuum valve back in 1971, the industry has moved towards increasingly higher standards for safety and maintenance on this kind of equipment and Ventiq has joined the movement and is ready to take the lead.

How we operate

howoperateVentiq promises to put safety highest on its priorities, therefore compromises will be avoided if safety in any way seem to be at risk.Guided by international standards and beyond, the company will lead its customers with regards to safe operations of maritime tank venting equipment.

Whenever new demands for tank venting equipment come to the Ventiq attention, it will be treated with respect for the ships crew and its cargo and its design and testing will follow through.